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Deeper Learning Competencies

New Hampshire offers innovative, successful approaches in competency-based and deeper learning practices, and is a model for other states to follow. That’s why JFF, a national nonprofit, is partnering with the NH Learning Initiative, the NH Department of Education, and the Center for Innovation in Education to understand how work-study practices are being adopted and scaled across the state. We are seeking to understand how certain professional development opportunities impact teachers’ and students’ experiences as they learn to develop, use and assess work-study practices in classrooms. We invite your district to join this important research study,

This site contains links to materials that districts may find useful in understanding the study or may need to gain research approval. Any questions about the research can be directed to Dr. Felicia Sullivan, Associate Research Director, JFF at or 857-268-4160.
Research Study Site -

Contacting the Institutional Review Board

You may contact a person independent of the research team at the Biomedical Research Alliance of New York Institutional Review Board at 516-318-6877. Questions, concerns or complaints about research can also be registered with the Biomedical Research Alliance of New York Institutional Review Board at The IRB is a group of people who independently review research on humans to help protect their rights and safety. Please reference study by using JFF_Hewelett_3211_01.